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Welcome to cLabs, the driving force behind the Celo platform! Based in Berlin, San Francisco, and around the world, we're passionate about building a regenerative digital economy. cLabs specializes in developing core products, tools, and reference implementations for the Celo blockchain, with a focus on mobile optimization and real-world applications. Committed to transparency and collaboration, we build in the open and support open-source licenses wherever possible. Follow our journey of migrating Celo from an independent EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain to an Ethereum Layer 2 on the Celo Forum and join us in shaping a future of prosperity for all through Celo!

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cLabs is a member of the Alliance for Prosperity and collaborates with many world-class organizations including

The Celo Alliance for Prosperity

Alliance for Prosperity Blockchain AssociationChamber of Digital CommerceGlobal Digital FinanceInternational Telecommunication UnionPursuitWorld Bank GroupWorld Food ProgramWorld Economic Forum